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Abscess lichen is a chronic disease, weakened immunity and other reasons can provoke its secondary appearance. Therefore, you need to monitor your health, not succumb to stressful situations and adhere to the rules of hygiene. Completed to the end of the course of treatment will help get rid of Sildenafil for sale, discomforting symptoms. After an illness, the patient may have bald patches or abrasions, various methods are used to restore hair, they can be prescribed by a trichologist.

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If the root cause of the development of asbestos disease is established, prevention will be aimed at curing the cause. It is important to follow the rules of personal hygiene, use natural soaps and sulfate-free shampoos. Diet is an important part of Viagra Pills and prevention of lichen. Refusal of harmful products will increase the immune forces of the body, improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair. It is possible to cure asbestos type lichen so that it does not return any more, for this you should adhere to the course of treatment, avoid stressful situations, eat right and not drink alcohol. The cured lichen will restore the victim's self-confidence, relieve unpleasant scales, it is they who bring the main discomfort.

Launched asbestos-like disease, in consequence, will lead to the development of seborrheic dermatitis. Methods of prevention and forecasting.

  • What is asbestos lichen and why does it occur? Asbestos lichen or follicular keratosis refers to diseases with an unclear origin. We will talk about it today. Some doctors define this type of lichen as early psoriasis. Thin areas on the scalp, but skin atrophy does not occur.

  • One of the reasons for the appearance of viagra 50mg lichen can be an eczematous reaction of the scalp to any injury or streptococcal infection. It can be a severe form of seborrhea, and its pyococcal form leads to lichen. Lichen can appear for no apparent reason.

  • Symptoms of asbestos lichen. The main place for foci is the parietal region, on the temples and the back of the head it appears less often. If you examine the head, you can see a large number of scales sticking to the skin and to each other, tightly wrapping around the hair shaft. They are silver in color.

The foci have different shapes. The skin in this area may turn red, peel off and get wet. In females, cracks appear behind the ears, they pass and reappear ins time. The lesions are usually small, but may spread over the head in several places. Hair becomes dry and brittle.

In the affected areas, hair begins to fall out, the disease turns into psoriasis with a neglected course or improperly selected therapy, especially in childhood.

The clinical picture of the disease is clearly visible, but the problem arises in identifying the disease or the causes that led to asbestos lichen. There are dystrophic disorders in the sebaceous glands. The scales themselves look like asbestos fibers, around itching and peeling. Differentiate with microsporia and psoriasis.

The main task of drugs in the treatment of asbestos lichen is to normalize the process of keratinization and blood circulation. Assign sulfur-based drugs, drugs that improve metabolic processes and microcirculation, retinol, nicotinic acid, antifungal drugs, vitamin complexes.